Through the eyes of…

…the retiree

Although we are moving we had the yard spring cleaned today, need to increase or at least keep up the curb appeal, so looking forward to the grass starting to grow and turn green. The front lawn does look pretty good when it’s green and cut nice.

Was Monday today, so it was off to the grocery store and car wash, just seems to a good time, quiet at the grocery store, and easy to get through the car wash.

The grocery store was fully stocked, aside from hand sanitizer, even picked up some shaving gel for the teenager.

…the home worker

Nothing exciting to report today. Today was crazy busy even though I expected it to be very quiet. For that, I did an extra 10 minutes of yoga on top of the 30 minutes planned.

New cases of the virus dropped in Alberta today, which was nice, but still frustrated by the teenager’s whining about not being able to go play basketball.

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