UP and Down in ICU

It has taken me a while to get back to the blog, I have just not felt the urge to write anything and only now, 10 days after surgery, starting to feel human again. So I thought I would give you are quick update of what went on after my surgery, Jenn did a great... Continue Reading →

Day 19 – Final Day in India

We had a great sleep-in then headed straight to the apparently world-famous breakfast buffet. Derek had read about it before, but I had no idea what to expect. It was nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. There was every sort of breakfast food you would ever want. I wished I had a bigger stomach.... Continue Reading →

Day 18 – Luxury Lad… Luxury

Before heading back to Delhi, we had a big bucket list item to scratch off the list while in Kathmandu. We had a flight to see Mount Everest. The flight left at 7 am. One flight left before ours and our flight status changed to "waiting for visibility report." The flight status on the screen... Continue Reading →

Day 12 – Into Nepal

We left Varanasi super early, at 4 am. Our train was already at the station. We were going from the first station of the line all the way to the last station (Gorakhpur). I think we sat at the station for an hour before we left. We had bucket seats, as our CEO calls them.... Continue Reading →

Day 7 – The Taj Mahal

Pretty uneventful drive, except our CEO losing his footing on the bus (I think we swerved to avoid a cow).We got to Agra and immediately went to the Red Fort. It was something out of Indiana Jones, with stories like Game of Thrones. I would love to find some drawings or something online of what... Continue Reading →

Day 5 – First Day in Jaipur

We left Delhi at 8 am on the bus. As we left the hotel, we all noticed there was a metal detector built into the doorway. Outside there were women with children and babies begging for money. When we boarded the bus, they would bang on the side to get our attention. I knew I... Continue Reading →

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