So here we are, a brief account of where we are so far as I have kept things out of the general populous as I wanted a close family of mine to get to hear personally and not through social media. Back in May of this year so I went to get my prescriptions renewed... Continue Reading →

Coming Soon

I was hoping to post the info of the final leg of my first EV road trip once I arrived, fortunately for you, I have a lot more to say as that final leg was an adventure, and therefore taking a little longer to write. However, it does contain some jaw dropping news for anyone... Continue Reading →

Stop 3 Blue River

I could have actually made it to Mount Robson where there are a couple of fast chargers, but they are only 25kw, so opted to get to 80% in Blue River then can top up to 80% at Robson then use the level 2 charger to get to 100%. Jasper is an unknown, there are... Continue Reading →

Hope to Kamloops

This section of the trip was up through a couple of mountain passes. The Cougahalla and seemed like I climbed most of the way thus at times the average KWH was hitting 31, which is a lot considering around Nanaimo I get 13 kWh and from home to Hope I was getting around 14. However... Continue Reading →

First Stop

Stopped in Hope to top up the charge to 80%, this will get me to Kamloops. I used one of the new Electrify Canada stations, nice and bright, although at 2am there is nothing open nearby, so just sit and wait, well for 20 minutes. Nice and Bright at 2am

The EV Road Trip

Well here we are ready to set off on the first road trip in the Kobe EV. Having never had a electric vehicle this first trip is be done with a certain degree of trepidation, I am sure it will be fine, and I see this as a great adventure . I have been following... Continue Reading →

Electric Car

Back in February after many stressful trips in the car with a crazy dog, I was wondering about the suitability of a 4 door sedan and having a border collie puppy. The 4 door sedan was a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, a car we bought as we planned our move to British Columbia with its $1.50l... Continue Reading →

New Look New Outlook

Trying some new looks with the blog, so sorry if it is a little inconsistent over the next couple of weeks as I settle on a new look and customize it. Been a while since I posted with life getting in the way along with a new puppy which swallowed up my time with just... Continue Reading →

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker We cleaned out the shed today, which was supposed to be done last weekend but the weather was not good. So far, we have made $85 from selling old stuff in there and should have some more $ coming tomorrow after the Facebook bidding war has closed on Owen’s bike! Not too... Continue Reading →

Through the eyes of…

…the retiree Although we are moving we had the yard spring cleaned today, need to increase or at least keep up the curb appeal, so looking forward to the grass starting to grow and turn green. The front lawn does look pretty good when it's green and cut nice. Was Monday today, so it was... Continue Reading →

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