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The Day of Laser Eye Surgery

… don’t know who his more nervous me or Jenn!!!

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Today is the day! Last night I went to bed feeling like it was Christmas Eve. At the same time, I felt like I was forgetting something.  I quickly scanned some laser eye surgery websites (not blogs this time) to make sure there wasn’t something I needed to remember to do (or not do) just prior to surgery. I did have a list of do’s and don’ts from my clinic, but it only gets into the after surgery timeline.  It looked like as long as I didn’t drink alcohol, coffee, tea, etc. I would be just fine.   It was just my luck that during my google search I found a forum site relating to PRK surgery disappointments. I didn’t open it, but being disappointed was really the last thing I wanted to think about. I went to bed and shut it out of my mind.  Then my mind went…

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Why I don’t run. Ever.

Although the opposite of what I like, running, I found this pretty funny.

Calling Through The Fog

chariotsIt was my first time in a cinema and I was agog.

People dipped discreetly into boxes of chocolate-covered nuts. There were carpets on the walls. An entire seat just for me. And not the usual rubbish designed for children, made of Marmite-proof, Oros-repellent plastic: this one was upholstered in the kind of plush, red velvet you can only dream of when you’re six. Best of all, we’d come to see Chariots Of Fire, a film about two of my favourite things at the time: chariots and fire.

When we opened on a beach in Scotland, with no sign of burning two-wheelers, I was disappointed. But only for a moment. Soon I was bewitched by the iconic theme, clean as endorphins pulsing through a brain; hypnotised by the white-clad figures skipping through the St Andrews surf.

One of them seemed to be overcome with some sort of rapture, throwing…

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The Funny Ritual of the American Family Vacation

Having just come back from our Summer Vacation I can relate to this. Looking back at past vacations I would say the ritual is not unique to Americans, but Dads all over the world, well western worked, try to create the perfect vacation but often fall short, not to say a many great vacations have been had but there where always moments.

Humor in America

national lampoon's family vacation chevy chase

To celebrate the summer and to coincide with an impending Father’s Day, I am reposting this piece on National Lampoon’s Vacation. I reassert that the film is a formidable contribution to American humor, a fact made even more evident by the lame updated version of the film released in 2015 (simply titled Vacation), written and directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley. The return to the Griswold family featured an adult Rusty Griswold (Ed Helms) repeating the desperate but loving efforts of his father all those years ago. The film is just plain awful but still managed to make substantive money at the box office. I see that success as testament to the legacy of the original film along with the enduring appeal of disastrous family vacations in the American psyche. The original film remains the seminal statement of this beautiful and dysfunctional family ritual.

In the…

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School Concert

As we enter the end of the school year and some end of year concerts it is interesting to a see perspective from another country.


The elementary school across the street had their end of year concert last night.  The concert was actually supposed to take place a week ago however it was cancelled due to a man being stabbed behind the school who subsequently died.  I guess that would make it a murder.  Yep there was a murder across the street so the concert was cancelled as the school (and no doubt the Polis) were concerned that there would be retaliation (as the two boys charged were Kurdish not Turkish).

I have never really experienced any discrimination in my life.  Women have always had rights and there was never really any racial slurring while I was growing up so for me witnessing the anger and blame being placed firmly on a group of people is a new and honestly, slightly terrifying, experience.  The history between the Turkish people and the Kurdish is lengthy…

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