Through the eyes of…

…the home worker

We cleaned out the shed today, which was supposed to be done last weekend but the weather was not good. So far, we have made $85 from selling old stuff in there and should have some more $ coming tomorrow after the Facebook bidding war has closed on Owen’s bike!

Not too shabby and should help pay for fixing our water heater with never ending problems!

…the teenager

Today I am feelin okay

Yesterday was a great day I got some work done.

Tomorrow I predict that I will play basketball with my dad

Today I hope to figure code stuff out and then use it and I hope tomorrow I can get a lot of work done

…the retiree

All I can say is I hope this is the last fix on the water heater, pouring water out of it today.

Through the eyes of…

…the retiree

Although we are moving we had the yard spring cleaned today, need to increase or at least keep up the curb appeal, so looking forward to the grass starting to grow and turn green. The front lawn does look pretty good when it’s green and cut nice.

Was Monday today, so it was off to the grocery store and car wash, just seems to a good time, quiet at the grocery store, and easy to get through the car wash.

The grocery store was fully stocked, aside from hand sanitizer, even picked up some shaving gel for the teenager.

…the home worker

Nothing exciting to report today. Today was crazy busy even though I expected it to be very quiet. For that, I did an extra 10 minutes of yoga on top of the 30 minutes planned.

New cases of the virus dropped in Alberta today, which was nice, but still frustrated by the teenager’s whining about not being able to go play basketball.

Lock… down

Through the eyes…

…the teenager

Well he keeps skipping his entry, need to fix that.

…the home worker

Today was pretty eventful!

We had a virtual viewing of our rental in Nanaimo we’ve had our eye on for 2 weeks, signed our lease agreement, then at 9:20 pm we got an email saying someone wants to look at your house tomorrow. Let the cleaning frenzy begin!

As we start the cleaning we find a page of the lease agreement on the floor that fell off the printer we needed to sign.

Weeeee. I’m already having trouble falling asleep so I am pretty sure I’ll be binging on The Office for a while tonight!

…the retiree

The highlight of the day was the quiz and visit via Zoom with our UK family along with my youngest son who is in Nova Scotia.

Good old Pizza Hut pizza for dinner, not the best pizza, but your cannot beat the price.

Have house viewing tomorrow, got a good handle on the cleaning this morning and this evening, little more tomorrow.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker

Yesterday I mentioned how today I should have been getting ready for my 3rd Evergreen Trail Trek.

Today I went out and did it anyway. Partway through the day I texted my friend because I heard that maybe some people were still going out to run the course. She wasn’t sure how many people there would be but suggested we could go a different way if it was busy. We met up at 5 and were the only ones there! It was tough running trails after not doing them for a while, but it was a lot of fun hard work.

The only downer of the day was seeing so many kids out playing basketball and seeing Owen so sad he couldn’t go play too. I can go for a physically distanced run or walk, but it is impossibly to play physically distanced basketball.

…the retiree

Still struggling to get motivated these days but I did get out and did some packing and organizing in the garage, even got the bike moved to the front of the garage.

Watched the last episode of a Uk show on Netflix called The Capture, if you have no seen it, you need to. The scary thing is the subject matter is very real.

Still in Lockdown

Through the eyes of…

…the retiree

Had a physical today, my Dr said I was in pretty good health, he said not to have a cholesterol check as going to the lab at this time was not a good idea.

I also asked my Dr if he felt I was in a high risk group, related to COVID-19, and he said elevated but not high risk in that there where people who where at a higher risk than me.

Had a good visit with my good friend Rick this morning, went to his place and we sat on opposite sides of his Yurt, he said he had wiped down the whole of the inside before I arrived, that’s Rick, going to miss him when we move.

…the teenager

Today I’ve been feeling good about homework

Yesterday was Monday so I just came back so yesterday was a nice day except the wind

I look forward to play with my friends on video games and hopefully the corona virus is called off

I am excited to work out with my dad again so I can get fit.

…the home worker

Nothing very exciting to report today.

I was reminded that tonight would have been the night before the Evergreen Trail Trek, a trail race near and dear to me. I would have been running the 21k but with the virus I stopped training for it weeks ago.

I’m sad to not be running in this event tomorrow, but will look towards exploring new trails very soon.

Opening Soon!!!

Have you ever walked up to the door of a store and seen a sign that says, “Back in 45 mins” but no indication as to what time the sign was placed. Could have been 5 minutes ago or 40 minutes ago, you either have to wait 40 minutes for 5 minutes????

That’s what it feels like now, we know things will open up eventually, but is it going to be 2, 4, 6 or 8 weeks and what will be open when.

We have a wedding to go to in August, we have no idea if we will get there right now.

There are so many unknowns right now it could be due to the UK enforcing a 2 week quarantine on people coming in, or it could be there is still a travel advisory in place and therefore we would have no travel insurance.

So we wait…

Through the eyes…

…the home worker

This weekend was one of my better ones in the last while. I went for a physically distanced walk with my best friend here (besides Derek) for the first time in two months. It was so great to catch up, even when life isn’t all sunshine and roses.

I also got a chance to FaceTime with my sister who had a baby 3 weeks ago. I can’t imagine how hard it must be being new parents and not being able to see anyone.

As far as moving goes, Derek and I managed to get a ton packed. We have specific rooms of the house scheduled each weekend. We did 4 storage closets, which required a lot of gin and chips to keep us going. Of course we don’t want to pack any excess weight so we have to drink all the liquor before we go.

…the retiree

Monday is grocery day, so off I went to pick up the usual items, bread, milk etc.

We are working through the freezer and cupboards so we don’t to throw out anything, although I did make a comfort food that my dad made from time to time. Steak simmered in an onion gravy with mash and corn, well with dad it would be peas but the home worker does does not like peas that much.

Sent the info off to the movers, who will be here 4 weeks tomorrow, glad we have a plan to get things packed.


It’s been 38 days since Alberta declared a state of emergency, the day after all schools in Alberta where closed for an unknown amount of time, they said expect schools not to reopen until the fall, although some other provinces have mentioned school opening, but have met with comments from parents saying no way will they send their kids in with so many new cases still being announced.

Today the provincial leaders met to talk about who they would have a unified process for opening up the country which makes total sense. The dates may be different, but when you have say a Keg in every province it makes sense to have a single process on how restaurants will operate when they get to open, how airlines will operate in each of the airports we have across the country.

The next few weeks and months will be the strangest of times.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker

I had another productive work day today. I did finish early so Derek and I could join quiz night with our family out in England via Zoom. We played trivia and talked for over 4 hours! It was a lot of fun connecting with other humans socially!

Zoom Afternoon with UK Family

…the retiree

Did the Friday house clean today, well almost.

As mentioned, we joined our UK family for Friday night quiz night, well night for them and afternoon for us.

We spent about an hour or so playing the quiz and then we just visited for a few hours, it was such a normal time. Thoughts of the pandemic faded, we laughed, we joked and we made fun of hand jobs!!!

They have been doing it for a couple of weeks now, so we will be joining them, I guess that means we will have to host one night.


May the Force be with them!!!

So Saskatchewan has released a plan to open up starting May 4th, interesting day to do that. (Look it up)

I was listening to our chief medical officer of Alberta and reading between the lines we could be following very closely to them, part of the reason being how close some towns are to the provincial border, in fact one small place straddles the border.

Through the Eyes of…

…the retiree

The weather is still good, aside from the wind and was nice to go for a walk with the eldest son today in the park.

We are in a 5 week countdown to our move, so strange to be leaving Grande Prairie during this crazy time. We came across a list of things/places we planned to do in GP before we left, none of it we will be able to do.

…the home worker

Work has been really busy, which is nice as it keeps my mind busy and off the real world.

I tried running using an app called Zwift, which allows you to run on your treadmill and see yourself run through virtual worlds online with other real people. It syncs with your watch or foot pod to know how fast you’re going. My only qualm is that the calibration between my watch and the app is not good. When the app says I’m running slower than I really am, I get frustrated. It is a cool way to get my exercise in and keeps things interesting on the treadmill but not sure it’s worth it without a foot pod, which would provide more accuracy. If we were staying here I would definitely buy a foot pod, but where we are going I won’t be doing many indoor runs!

Light at the end of some tunnel

The pandemic goes on but there seems to be some hope, BC is looking at relaxing things a little mid May and I think Alberta will be a couple of weeks behind them.

The move is on, just trying yo decide if we will use a Uhaul or a mover, leaning towards a mover as there would be less for us to do, just hope whoever we chose can do the move in less than 5 days, one of them says they can but who knows.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker

I’ve had a good set of happy days for a while. Maybe not quite a whole week’s worth, but close. Tonight was tough.

I’m really missing my friends and especially sad to be leaving likely without having a proper goodbye. I chatted briefly with a friend last night and found out she was struggling with the lack of social interaction. It was one of those scenarios of what you see on social media isn’t always what’s really going on in someone’s life. I went to sleep feeling so sad about her and everyone else suffering in silence (and of course those who are open about it too).

The takeaway here is to check in on people, even if they seem to be fine.

…the retiree

Really finding it tough to get motivated these days, even just getting things packed, tomorrow is a new day, so will see how it goes.

The weather has done a turnaround and aside from the wind it means getting out for a walk is much easier, the ice has gone, the snow is disappearing quickly and will all soon be a distant memory, and hope to never see such amounts for so long ever again.

…the teenager

Today I’m very eggcited to find a document
Yesterday was amazing but terrible I got to have cheese burgers and root bear and got to play with my best friends. And apparently I’m moving in 6 weeks.
I’m getting ready have a 45min walk soon
Today in my video games I’m gonna try to get STEPH CURRY to score 120pts
And yeah that’s it besides its pretty windy

Feelings of numbness

It’s been a while since there was a post, sometimes you just need to step back.

However last night I felt sad, was I human, was the feelings I was having normal?

The reason for the feelings was the news of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, and the feeling which made me sad was the thought that went though my head;

“Yes some news other than Covid-19”

Should we even have such thoughts? This is a terrible terrible thing, as I write this there are 18 dead, including a police officer.

Day after day we are bombarded with information about the current thoughts on the pandemic, some of it is just dribble… no, most of it now is just dribble, there are the deaths, the care homes in particular, families whom cannot have time with loved ones at the end of their life, no goodbyes, no final hug or kiss, just, if lucky, a FaceTime from a nurse who is already run ragged.

So as this time goes on we become numb, we become distant to it, we crave news that does not mention virus, Covid-19, pandemic, Coronavirus and and and… it goes on and on…

The killings in Nova Scotia where senseless acts of violence and, despite what will be a lengthy investigation, we may never know why and in a very short time the virus news will just pass over it which just makes it even more tragic.

Isolation Lockdown

Got the furnace fixed today, although after being here an hour, all he did was put the wiring back the way it was prior to the new board going in, guess we shall see how much that costs us.

I think the media needs to start back away from reporting on the virus, there is other news out there, just report it. Example, there was a headline about 3 cases of the virus in a meat factory, there is not chance that the people infected would infect the meat, the chief medical officer even said so. So why run a headline that will just add to the panic buying? If the pandemic was not happening would there be no news on? Yes there would, not report that and have the virus news reduced.

We where told last week that this week would be the worst week, so we shall see what happens as we head towards the end of the week as well as the weekend.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker…

Today was another good day. I went out for a run after work and with the snow and ice melting, I found I was able to get by most people. Still some spots where I was as far away as I could be without being in a snow bank but the other person would remain in the middle of the trail. So frustrating! Why don’t people get it?!

…the retiree

Today I was hoping to get out in the morning for a walk, but the furnace guy did not come until close to 11 due to me having my phone on silent, something I usually don’t do.

I did get out for walk in the afternoon and it felt soooo good.

So yeh, great day.

Isolation Day What?

Yesterday our furnace went off again, we where cooking and the fry pan generated some smoke, at times like this we use a button abound the thermostat that circulates air, the builder called it a poor man’s air conditioner. So I fired it up and right away lost power to the thermostat, turns out the furnace was now dead.

Being so late there was nothing to do but fire up the gas fireplace which does a pretty good job of warming most of the house, but no the basement, was chilly down there before bed, not as cold as it could have been as we have a heated floor.

Today I called the heating company, but as this was getting dealt with through insurance we have I had to call the insurance company, which I did just after 9am. By 4pm however there was nothing from the heating company, turns out the insurance company never called the, dammit, so called them back and they said they would get on it, and sure enough the heating company showed up pronto and replaced a fuse, and arranged for their electrician to come over tomorrow to have a look.

The world goes on and although we hear things about easing the restrictions, there are not dates yet, aside from the end of May for Alberta, guess we shall see, but I am suspecting if the number keeping going they way they are, then the long weekend in May there could be some lifting of something, but who knows.

Through the Eyes of…

…the home worker

Today was a good day. Yesterday was awful. It wasn’t awful for any particular reason, I think it was the new normal getting to me.

Over the weekend, I remembered getting an email from our VP of “Talent” (aka Human Resources) to let us know we could use our Zoom accounts to meet with friends and family, so I suggested to our run club leader that we should set up a virtual party. She jumped at the chance and we set one up for Monday night (yesterday). I was feeling so miserable that I didn’t even want to attend this virtual party I was supposed to help host. I couldn’t not go because part of the process is allowing people into the call/video chat. Including couples at the same home, there were 15 of us. I was so glad I joined because it really pulled me out of my fog.

Today was much better and had no bad moments. We are making some progress on our move, but we will talk more about that once things are solidified.

…the retiree

Did not get out for a walk today as I was waiting for the furnace guy, who never came until after 5pm, so was a little frustrated. Also spent a lot of time going back and forth with some house stuff.

Hope tomorrow I can get out for a walk, plan to do it once they electric guy has been and gone.

The teenager is not here this week, I am sure he is happy about not having to write.