Technology Fails

Working in technology I always have my eye out for the good, the bad and the downright ugly in technology, this rant is about the latter and the failure of many technology developers to get it right. So an example, this happens many times but I will use the most recent one as there was... Continue Reading →


Took this in Jasper a few months back, one goal of the new year is to pay more attention to pictures. Probably spend sometime reviewing older pictures and then try to keep on top of new ones.


Took this in Jasper a couple of months ago, amazing what you can do with a iPhone these days. #iphone #jasper


While in Banff did some hiking and came across this view, what was amazing was now quick it go dark after this pictures was taken.

During our trip to Jasper with Sam and Nial I snapped this picture. This place always amazes me be it summer, fall or winter. It’s one of Jenn and I’s favourite places and we pretty much always take a drive up there when we are in Jasper, seems a place to go for some quiet... Continue Reading →


Been a while since I posted a blog post, the last one was the start of our trip to Europe this past summer, then suddenly the trip was over and we where home without any other posts being made, sorry to everyone who was expecting a Bowen day by day of the UK and Italy.... Continue Reading →

We are off

For the first time in a while flying did not mean getting up at some crazy hour of the morning as our flight to Calgary was not until 12:20, so we arose around 8am and decided to go for a 5k run together. It's been a while since Jenn and I have run together and... Continue Reading →

Getting Close

Just under 6 months ago I did not thing we would be prepping for you summer vacation, but after quad bypass surgery and the ok from my Dr in February, we started to book and here we are, 4 days to go before we start on another Derek and Jenn adventure this time to parts... Continue Reading →

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