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Voltbike Yukon 750

Well, my new bike arrived, it’s a eBike, Voltbike Yukon 750. This is a first pre-review, there will be some further reviews Great looking bike, ordered it on June 14th, but took almost 3 weeks to get here, Voltbike maybe busy, but they need to set better expectations when it comes to delivery and better…

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Warm Run

#beatyesterday #garmin May look cold but what actually a pretty warm run. Nice Starbucks Juniper Latte at the end.

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UP and Down in ICU

It has taken me a while to get back to the blog, I have just not felt the urge to write anything and only now, 10 days after surgery, starting to feel human again. So I thought I would give you are quick update of what went on after my surgery, Jenn did a great…

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25 Minute Recovery….

… more like an 8 hour recovery after not going to bed until 3:30am… ack Jenn and I are on different training plans for our 10k run in September and so today’s run was for me just a 25 minute recovery run done at an easy pace, around 11:00. For Jenn her run was longer…

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New Watch

Got the new watch on Monday, Garmin Fenix 3, got it setup, downloaded some watch faces and waited for Tuesday after work so I could run, Jenn already had dibs on the Tuesday morning, anyhow off I went and had a really good run. Next was an interval run on Thursday morning, this did…

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First Time With Trainer

Well the first session with my trainer was a tough one, very tough, legs wobbly, was a touch time but felt good. Four circuits with exercises such as, ball squats, 15, Push-Ups, 12 and on and on with 20jumping jacks between each exercise and doing each set 4 times. Have to say on the last…

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The Turnaround

So Jenn and I joined a gym, this was more me wanting a personal trainer so a gym would go hand in hand and as it happened a new gym opened nearby that is open 24 hours a day, Anytime Fitness. We joined on Saturday, signed on the dotted line and got our key fobs,…

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