Indian Tech

Being nerdy types Jenn and I will be making sure we have the right tech on our trip, we need to not only take pictures, but upload them to Twitter, Facebook and other social media. We plan to blog as we travel and the photos we will be taking will be a big part of that.

So what do we plan to take plan to take?

The orginal plan was to take my Nikon D5000 on the trip with a couple of lenses, but I was reading a blog that talked about what to take to take pictures and the concenus was that a taking a “Superzoom Bridge Camera”, now that’s a mouthful. These bridge cameras fit in between a full DSLR and a compact camera with a real big zoom.

I did some research and although I was tempted by the Nikon P900 with it’s 84x zoom, the price was a little higher than I wanted to pay, so I setlled on the Canon SX60 with a 65x zoom. It is much light than my Nikon and has the advantage of just one lens to worry about, it also has some really good video features and also will shootin RAW, if I choose to do that.


The video was a big part as we plan to capture lots of video as we will be able to combine this stills to create exciting on the go blog and Facebook posts.

The other advanatge of this camera over my D500 in the wifi feature, this will allow pictures and videos to be transferred to the iPhone and Android for posting online on Facebook, Twitter and the Blog whilst moving around.

Jenn and I both have iPad Air 2s and plan to take them with us, these will be are main tools to blog and create video content for sharing on the go, Jennn only has a 16gig but I have a 64gig so mine will probably be the video and picture workhorse. It will also be the entertainment device as we can also load up books, videos etc. I have even started to see how iBooks has improved as a reader since I switched to Kobo a number of years ago.


The advantage of the iPad is size, easy to pack and use. All the photo will sync to the cloud, well Apple’s Cloud, the battery usually last a couple of days with average use.

iPhone SE and Android S6
Jenn has a Android S6 and I have a iPhone SE. Over the years I have gone from a bigger phone to a bigger phone to a bigger phone, think size mattered, but the latest phone, the Lumia 950xl was just to big. I could find a decent case, but it just kept falling off my belt. It would not fit in front pocket and felt large in my back pocket. What was I getting out of this large phone?

My SE is a 64gig which will give plenty of room for pictures and videos, some coming from the Cannon SX60, giving us many options when it comes to documenting the trip.

Extra Power
To keep these devices charged we picked up a power charger, the one we picked up was the TP-Link 15600mAh High Capacity Power Bank. We hope this will, at the very least, keep our phones fully charged all day.


The power bank has to outlets as well as a flashlight for emergency use. We will do some testing of this power bank over the next little while as we both do some travlling for work.

I also received a battery pack when I attended a conference recently, so now we have a lots of power.

Go Pro Session 4


 Yes, the Go Pro. Something to capture those moments when pulling out the camera just will not work, say walking through a market in Delhi, or holding it outside the cab on the way to the hotel when we first arrive. The biggest is of I do the paragliding activity that I maybe able to do at some point.

I really did not want to buy a Go Pro as we are not super active people, but when I saw one on Air Miles I though why not, so there we go, the Go Pro Session 4.

Belkin 3-Outlet SurgePlus


To protect all the electronics we are bringing a good Surge protector, I came across this when reading a post by Paul Thurott, a tech journalist, he carries one with him when he travels. Has lots of power plus two 2.1 amp USB.

These are the basics of the tech we plan to take with us, there maybe other bits that we will mention as we use them.

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