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A Tech Legend

A Tech Legend I first heard about Paul Allen passing when on the treadmill watching CBC News, I knew who he was, but then I began to think in a few years nobody will remember him. The name Bill Gates is synonymous with Microsoft, but without Paul Allen would Microsoft exist? But that’s for another…

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Indian Tech

Being nerdy types Jenn and I will be making sure we have the right tech on our trip, we need to not only take pictures, but upload them to Twitter, Facebook and other social media. We plan to blog as we travel and the photos we will be taking will be a big part of…

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It has been a while since I wrote a blog post and figured I better get one done, so here we go. I have been losing weight, I think you can gather that from some past posts, it has been a struggle but around the end of April I went for a physical after finding…

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