A week with the Bike

The past week has been fun with the new bike, put on a good number of clicks, I only really started riding it last Saturday and managed a few commutes to work along with a couple of rides in the trails last weekend.

Riding on solid paved trails was just great, speedy and not uncomfortable, the motor is not as noisy as I thought it was going to be, based on some reviews I had read, I think most of the noise I can here is road noise from the 4” fat tires.

Talking of tires I had not really paid attention to them, but someone of the Yukon Facebook page noticed that the tires where not what was on the website, the owner George, replied and said that they had not updated the website, but explained what the tires where, better that they are puncture proof… we shall see about that.

The brakes are a little noisy right now as well, but I also read that they can take a little time to “break” in.

The speed of the big is a little faster than expected, in Canada the limit is supposed to be 32kmh, but on pedal assist 9 and with no hill and can hit 38kmh, so through a hill into the mix and I am hitting 45+.

Battery life seems pretty good, rode to work and back today as well as ride yesterday totalling around 33kms and battery shows over half full, I am going to guess I could get 50+ at least, but as I want to take good care of the battery and will try not to let it get below 20%.

So there we go, week one and still a happy camper along with a clean bike, man keeping his cleaner than the care!!


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