Getting Close

Just under 6 months ago I did not thing we would be prepping for you summer vacation, but after quad bypass surgery and the ok from my Dr in February, we started to book and here we are, 4 days to go before we start on another Derek and Jenn adventure this time to parts of the UK and Italy.

We are currently cleaning house and getting ready, but last weekend we took a trip to Edmonton for clothes shopping. Due to my surgery a good many of my clothes no longer fitted, I put on one pair of short and they slipped off.

We checked out thew new outlet mall near the airport, some great stores and lots of choice, probably spent to much, but really I needed clothes and going away it was a good chance to swap out the wardrobe.

So where are we going? We are off to England, Scotland, Wales and Italy taking a month to do it, we plan on having a good time.

So the details…

We managed to have enough Westjet dollars to fly Plus from Calgary to Gatwick, this will make it a little more comfortable as it is a pretty long flight, 9 hours…plus getting to Calgary. We arrive at around 11am and then have a 5 hour drive to Durham which is really just a pit stop on the way to the Highlands of Scotland.

On the Tuesday, Jen’s birthday we head to Scotland, another long drive and we stay there a couple of days before heading to the Lake District and then to my sisters’s.

We plan to do some visiting around the north west before hitting the road to Italy including visits to Rome, Pisa, Florence and Venice. We are driving to there will be visits to lots of place in between.

After a day in London on we will be heading home at the end of July.

Stay tuned for pictures and stories of our European Adventure.

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