The New Blog

Here we go again…!!!

I started the “Just another Blog” many years ago, never really took hold and it was always a hit and miss affair with long periods of nothing then a quick post promising to get better but never does.

In January The Daily Post ran a Zero to Hero, Blogging 101. Basically 30 days of help to get your blog up and running, some work on themes, some posts, some drafts and then sent you on your merry way, hopefully with a bit of steam to keep you going.

Well I looked at this and the timing just need not seem to work, excuses excuses, to I never did it. But now they are doing it again, so this time I am in for the long haul and hell or high water I plan to make this work.

So here we go again The Daily Post again is running a Blogging 101 and although I am in Edmonton this week and it starts today, April 15, I have decided to give it ago again.

So you can read all about me on my about page and because we all change the about page will change over a time as well.

But the brief for the Blogging 101 today is to write about me, so the quick and dirty is:

  • 51
  • Born in Liverpool UK
  • Married
  • 3 boys 2 from a previous marriage
  • Live in Grande Prairie Alberta Canada
  • IT Systems Manager
  • Grande Prairie Public School District
  • Volunteers and Grande Prairie Live Theatre

So why am I here? In my professional growth plan I put that I wanted to maintain a Blog, so the focus of this Blog will be what I do for work, that being, could be tips, news, opinions and frustrations all related in someway to IT with, hopefully, an education spin.

There we have it post one, wonder if I will make it to two.

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