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Still in Lockdown

Through the eyes of… …the retiree Had a physical today, my Dr said I was in pretty good health, he said not to have a cholesterol check as going to the lab at this time was not a good idea. I also asked my Dr if he felt I was in a high risk group,…

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Isolation Lockdown Day 17

Welcome to the world of uncertainty. As we head into the middle of 4 weeks of now school, we are all starting to get a little up tight as to when all this will end, we all want to start to do normal things again, even something as small and as simple as wandering around…

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Warm Run

#beatyesterday #garmin May look cold but what actually a pretty warm run. Nice Starbucks Juniper Latte at the end.

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Was not expecting snow this morning for my 6k run, but looked really nice… of course sun would be even better.