Still in Lockdown

Through the eyes of…

…the retiree

Had a physical today, my Dr said I was in pretty good health, he said not to have a cholesterol check as going to the lab at this time was not a good idea.

I also asked my Dr if he felt I was in a high risk group, related to COVID-19, and he said elevated but not high risk in that there where people who where at a higher risk than me.

Had a good visit with my good friend Rick this morning, went to his place and we sat on opposite sides of his Yurt, he said he had wiped down the whole of the inside before I arrived, that’s Rick, going to miss him when we move.

…the teenager

Today I’ve been feeling good about homework

Yesterday was Monday so I just came back so yesterday was a nice day except the wind

I look forward to play with my friends on video games and hopefully the corona virus is called off

I am excited to work out with my dad again so I can get fit.

…the home worker

Nothing very exciting to report today.

I was reminded that tonight would have been the night before the Evergreen Trail Trek, a trail race near and dear to me. I would have been running the 21k but with the virus I stopped training for it weeks ago.

I’m sad to not be running in this event tomorrow, but will look towards exploring new trails very soon.

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