Isolation Lockdown Day 17

Welcome to the world of uncertainty.

As we head into the middle of 4 weeks of now school, we are all starting to get a little up tight as to when all this will end, we all want to start to do normal things again, even something as small and as simple as wandering around the mall with a Tim Horton’s coffee, but we still really don’t know when this luxury, as it seems now, will happen.

Reading the various news articles it does seem as though Italy is on it’s way out and for sure the start of all this, Wuhan is ending their lockdown, well that’s what China wants the world to think, somehow in Wuhan it maybe a little different!!

In Canada there seems to be a glimmer of hope as across the country they are saying this week will be the worst week for deaths, but are starting to see the number of new cases waiver, maybe a little downward trend happening.

Despite this, we are still be told to follow what we have been doing, and rightly so, what would be the point of getting back to normal, it would just set us back to the beginning again.

I journal and I looked back to 4 weeks ago and Jenn was in Ontario having arrived the Monday, then finding out her company has stopped most travel but as she as there they felt they might as well stay. She also planned to visit her sisters, one who was pregnant and has since had her baby. It is crazy to think what has happened in the last 4 weeks, no wonder we are all going stir crazy as we suffer from Pandemic Information Overload.

I wake up in the morning and say to myself, I will only read the news twice today, once in the morning to see how the UK has been doing and once in the evening to check the rest of the world as well as the numbers on the Worldmeter website, they reset a 0:00gmt, so you can get a slight sense of where countries are going. Yet most of the time I get caught up in a email coming in and suddenly checking online and find myself going down the rabbit hole again.

On a happier note, the furnace that was giving us issues has been fixed. The guy came back today with a new board and installed it, now it all works and we have consistent heat, yay.

Also the weather has been good again today, not as warm as yesterday, but it is the start of the spring, I can feel it and once we get into a warming trend this nasty white stuff will start to part and maybe, just maybe we get people who are cooped up looking for a house move and start to look again.

Through the Eye of…

…the home worker

After work today, I went to our bedroom to get ready for another indoor run. I looked outside and thought it was unlikely I could get a good run in around our neighbourhood.

The snow and ice is finally melting, but sidewalks and paths around here aren’t great (still pretty icy because no one clears their sidewalks all winter). I thought of driving out to a nearby park but was worried about whether Derek would feel ok with me doing that. The park’s paved path is wide enough to accommodate about 3 people across. Not super wide, but if people kept their distance it could be fine. Would I have to wear a mask to run? Would that be hot and uncomfortable? Maybe I could just wear a buff (tubular fabric you might wear around your neck or head or face, etc).

As these thoughts swirled around in my head I thought it would just be easier on my anxiety to run on the treadmill. I looked out at the beautiful sunny day and something in me changed. Maybe it was the fact I hadn’t run outside in over a month, so I asked Derek what he thought about me going to the park to run. He instantly told me to go for it. He suggested maybe a mask wouldn’t be necessary, but I decided to take a buff. At the last minute he decided to come with me so he could get some fresh air walking.

As we pulled up to the park, we could tell it was fairly busy. My run was good, it was nice to get out in the sun. Normally I would be cursing all the deep puddles that had formed from the melting snow, but that was the least of my worries today. I was more worried about the other people around and whether they would follow physical distancing. When I was finished my run, I felt like there were equal amounts of people distancing and not, but if I really had to think back, maybe it was closer to 25% not. The fact that there are still people out there who just don’t care, is really upsetting. We currently have no active virus cases in the city, but considering people aren’t being tested if they hadn’t travelled internationally or work in health care or are hospitalized means there are more cases out there we don’t know about. I’d rather be safe than sorry, and it won’t kill anyone to give others some space on the trails for a little while

…the teenager

Today I’m feeling so-so.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good.

Cant wait for Easter break, and going to my dads to get the backboard stuff and the net so I can play basketball.

Today I will make a survival bunker in ark and turn it to survival and I will also play some fortnite or 2k 20

…the retiree

Was planning to get some stuff done today, planned to go for a walk after lunch, but then the furnace guy called and said he would be over shortly, so that snuffed that idea out.

Feeling a little hopeful that things are heading the right way with the virus, nowhere near out of the woods yet, and how the heck I will get through the next 18 months or until a vaccine arrives without getting it, well aside from not leaving the house and even then there is the risk from other people in the household getting it and passing it on, the teenager being my biggest worry.

Hi We are coming up to Easter this weekend, going to be interesting to see if people play ball and stay home and not think this would be a good time to head out, as much as I hate to say it, a good snow storm this weekend would be the best thing.

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