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R Day

Well today, August 9th 2019, I had my last day at the office doing a days work, I actually did some work, which suprised me, my systems admin had been away and was back so I had some transition work to do with him, also had a report […]

81 Days

Well I have done a fantastic job at writing Blog posts of my 100 day countdown, so here we are at day 81, Victoria Day, one of the last long weekend, left. So what has happened over the last 20 odd days? Well I got out of hospital […]

99 Days to go, May 2nd 2019

Here we are, this will be the 3rd full day in the hospital. It’s a wet day outside, supposed to snow later which makes me a little concerned about tomorrow, the, yes tomorrow I will be going to Edmonton, I was hoping it would have been today, but […]