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Feelings of numbness

It's been a while since there was a post, sometimes you just need to step back. However last night I felt sad, was I human, was the feelings I was having normal? The reason for the feelings was the news of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, and the feeling which made me sad was… Continue reading Feelings of numbness

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Isolation Lockdown

Got the furnace fixed today, although after being here an hour, all he did was put the wiring back the way it was prior to the new board going in, guess we shall see how much that costs us. I think the media needs to start back away from reporting on the virus, there is… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown

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Isolation Day What?

Yesterday our furnace went off again, we where cooking and the fry pan generated some smoke, at times like this we use a button abound the thermostat that circulates air, the builder called it a poor man’s air conditioner. So I fired it up and right away lost power to the thermostat, turns out the… Continue reading Isolation Day What?

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Isolation Lockdown Day 18

Today I went for some exercise round a local reservoir, half way around you have to cross a bridge that spans a creek. As I approached the bridge I could see a couple with a small child, the couple, both of them independently, where let’s say FaceTiming with, I can only assume, family. Sure, nice… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 18

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Isolation Lockdown Day 17

Welcome to the world of uncertainty. As we head into the middle of 4 weeks of now school, we are all starting to get a little up tight as to when all this will end, we all want to start to do normal things again, even something as small and as simple as wandering around… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 17

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Isolation lockdown Day 16

So we missed a couple of days of posts, sometime being locked up for days just zips your energy, as it has the past few days. Our furnace is on the fritz and we had call someone into have a look, seems it needs a new circuit board, glad we have insurance for that, in… Continue reading Isolation lockdown Day 16

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Isolation lockdown Day 13

Sorry there was no post yesterday, we had a good family evening watching Tianic, not sure if that relates to what is currently going on, but I am sure it does in some shape or form. I have been my iPad Pro to do all these posts, although the keyboard on the Smart Cover is… Continue reading Isolation lockdown Day 13

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Insolation Lockdown Day 11

Wow, keep seeing posts about doing a reset of 2020, could not agree more, not going out is crazy and this is just the start, another month before there will any chance of change from this. On a positive note, the weather has been great today, cold, but sunny and with lots of sun we… Continue reading Insolation Lockdown Day 11

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Isolation Lockdown Day 10

As I sit down to write today the Alberta Chief Medical Officers just announced the number for today, 117 new cases for Alberta, now that is due to an increase in testing due to a backlog, but I think it shows there are a lot of people out there with the virus. Time to hunker… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 10

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Isolation Lockdown Day 9

Well here we are in Day 9, the snow stopped falling today and the weather says better weather for the next week, so it will be shovelling for a few days and try to get the outside of the house looking mess like it in the Arctic. Welcome to the Arctic aka Grande Prairie Alberta… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 9

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Isolation Lockdown Day 8

Well we are now into week 2 and things are well, boring. Why do you crave what we cannot have? The facts that we should only be going out when we need to go out is interesting, not being able to just makes one feel like you have to and that you are missing out… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 8

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Isolation Lockdown Day 6

Well today was quiet, we had breakfast 3 times today, crazy, but was awesome We watched lots of TV, drank lots of tea and was shocked that the current UCP government stooped so low as to cut funding so boards have to lay off Education Assistants and Custodial staff, just as the Prime Minister was… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 6