Isolation Lockdown Day 4

The New Car As we enter Day 4 I was thinking back about how long we have our new car, mainly as it is not getting driven much these days, and thought, ah, a blog post on how I bought a brand new car through a chat window on a dealer website. First off I... Continue Reading →

D Minus 2 – Travel Day

So today was my last day at work as well as a travel day to Edmonton, we where able to leave a little early and managed to get to the AirBnB a little earlier as well even going via the Apple store to pick up my Air Pods, my treat for going through what I... Continue Reading →

The Visa

Unlike going to some countries like the UK or the US, going to India requires one to obtain a visa. So what is a a visa? "A visa (from the Latin charta visa, meaning "paper which has been seen")[1] is a conditional authorization granted by a country (typically to a foreigner) to enter and temporarily remain within, or to leave... Continue Reading →

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