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Day 18 – Luxury Lad… Luxury

Before heading back to Delhi, we had a big bucket list item to scratch off the list while in Kathmandu. We had a flight to see Mount Everest. The flight left at 7 am. One flight left before ours and our flight status changed to "waiting for visibility report." The flight status on the screen… Continue reading Day 18 – Luxury Lad… Luxury

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Why that tour…? and seriously a 14 hour flight?

Jenn and I looked at many different tours when we started to get serious about going to India. We also looked at different tour companies and brought the slection down to two, G Adverntures and Intrepid, both are very similar as to what they offer, but we opted for G Adventures as we had heard… Continue reading Why that tour…? and seriously a 14 hour flight?