School Concert

Originally posted on janeyinmersin:
The elementary school across the street had their end of year concert last night.  The concert was actually supposed to take place a week ago however it was cancelled due to a man being stabbed behind the school who subsequently died.  I guess that would make it a murder.  Yep there…

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My Thoughts on Vaccination

On the Grande Prairie Facebook page there is a post, although does not say in so many words, about vaccination due to a case of measles in Alberta and they fact that children “MAY” not be admitted into schools if they have not been vaccinated. For those who have not spent the time looking at…

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The New Blog

Here we go again…!!! I started the “Just another Blog” many years ago, never really took hold and it was always a hit and miss affair with long periods of nothing then a quick post promising to get better but never does. In January The Daily Post ran a Zero to Hero, Blogging 101. Basically…

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