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Day 19 – Final Day in India

We had a great sleep-in then headed straight to the apparently world-famous breakfast buffet. Derek had read about it before, but I had no idea what to expect. It was nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. There was every sort of breakfast food you would ever want. I wished I had a bigger stomach.… Continue reading Day 19 – Final Day in India

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Day 18 – Luxury Lad… Luxury

Before heading back to Delhi, we had a big bucket list item to scratch off the list while in Kathmandu. We had a flight to see Mount Everest. The flight left at 7 am. One flight left before ours and our flight status changed to "waiting for visibility report." The flight status on the screen… Continue reading Day 18 – Luxury Lad… Luxury

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Day 17 – See you in Kathmandu 

Earlier in the trip, our CEO indicated there was a flight from Pokhara to Kathmandu that was 20 minutes instead of the drive we were planned to do, which was 10 hours. Derek and I jumped on that immediately. It meant we had a full day in Kathmandu, which we wouldn't have had otherwise. Some… Continue reading Day 17 – See you in Kathmandu 

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Day 15 -Arrival into Pokhara

Farewell to the Barauli homestay: The drive to Pokhara was a crazy drive in the mountains along narrow roads, twists and turns, and trying to pass other vehicles as much as possible.  Bathroom break: The drive seemed a lot quicker than the 6-7 hours that it took because we had a few breaks for drinks,… Continue reading Day 15 -Arrival into Pokhara

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Day 14 – Chitwan Safari

This morning we got to sleep in, as breakfast wasn't till 9. I had a lousy sleep because the bed was rock hard. There were two thick blankets on the bed, so I decided the next night we would sleep on top of those blankets and borrow a blanket to cover us from the other… Continue reading Day 14 – Chitwan Safari

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Day 13 – The birthplace of Buddha

We woke up in Butwal to an amazing view from our hotel room. We could see the mountains in the distance, the sunrise, and we had a great view overlooking the city. Breakfast at the hotel restaurant was like dinner. Food was good (although a bit cold) and disorganized. We all pre-ordered our food the… Continue reading Day 13 – The birthplace of Buddha