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Day 5 – First Day in Jaipur

We left Delhi at 8 am on the bus. As we left the hotel, we all noticed there was a metal detector built into the doorway. Outside there were women with children and babies begging for money. When we boarded the bus, they would bang on the side to get our attention. I knew I… Continue reading Day 5 – First Day in Jaipur

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Why that tour…? and seriously a 14 hour flight?

Jenn and I looked at many different tours when we started to get serious about going to India. We also looked at different tour companies and brought the slection down to two, G Adverntures and Intrepid, both are very similar as to what they offer, but we opted for G Adventures as we had heard… Continue reading Why that tour…? and seriously a 14 hour flight?

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The Clinic Visit

Going to India poses some health risks to people from other parts of the world and some vaccinations are required, when I went to the doctors at the end of June I mentioned our trip and how we would go about getting advice, Brad, my Dr, said we would be best visiting a travel clinic… Continue reading The Clinic Visit