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Isolation Lockdown Day 6

Well today was quiet, we had breakfast 3 times today, crazy, but was awesome We watched lots of TV, drank lots of tea and was shocked that the current UCP government stooped so low as to cut funding so boards have to lay off Education Assistants and Custodial […]

Should I exercise.

Seems people cannot use common sense when it comes to exercise and to be honest even the professional seem to muddle things up. Common sense to me is you can go for a walk, but with people from your own family and you stay the 6ft away from […]

Isolation Lockdown Day 1

This should have been posted yesterday evening. Yesterday was the start of our self imposed lockdown First thing in the morning I went grocery shopping and picked up food for about 2 weeks, we already had an emergency supply in the basement that supply will help if we […]

R Day

Well today, August 9th 2019, I had my last day at the office doing a days work, I actually did some work, which suprised me, my systems admin had been away and was back so I had some transition work to do with him, also had a report […]

A week with the Bike

The past week has been fun with the new bike, put on a good number of clicks, I only really started riding it last Saturday and managed a few commutes to work along with a couple of rides in the trails last weekend. Riding on solid paved trails […]

Voltbike Yukon 750

Well, my new bike arrived, it’s a eBike, Voltbike Yukon 750. This is a first pre-review, there will be some further reviews Great looking bike, ordered it on June 14th, but took almost 3 weeks to get here, Voltbike maybe busy, but they need to set better expectations […]