The EV Road Trip

Well here we are ready to set off on the first road trip in the Kobe EV. Having never had a electric vehicle this first trip is be done with a certain degree of trepidation, I am sure it will be fine, and I see this as a great adventure .

I have been following the 20/80 charging regimen, that is, charging when it gets to around 20% and only going to 80%. So for the trip I brought it up to 100%, I suspect as I do this more and I fine out when highway travel mileage is, I live in a city where I get lots of regeneration, so I am unsure what overall distances will be on a highway.

The other part of the puzzle is the drive from Nanaimo goes from sea level up to Grande Prairie’s 650m (2130ft) , basically uphill all the way.

So as I start with 100% charge I have 504kms without climate on or 480kms with climate on, and as there are lots of chargers all the way up to Mount Robson I see no point in not using climate.

The drive from Jasper to Grande Prairie will be without climate, unless I see really good distances on full charges up to that point. As I said, this is a first, so leaning on the side of caution.


So the first leg of the trip is on the ferry, Nanaimo to Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver, from there over to Hope where despite the size has an Electrify Canada station as well as a BC Hydro station both with DC Fast Charge, along with a number of L2 for that final top up.

Stay tuned for updates over the next 24 hours.

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