New Look New Outlook

Trying some new looks with the blog, so sorry if it is a little inconsistent over the next couple of weeks as I settle on a new look and customize it.

Been a while since I posted with life getting in the way along with a new puppy which swallowed up my time with just trying to keep things moving around the house and even that fails, don’t believe me you should see my floors right now!!

It’s hard to believe that this time last year the pandemic was just starting to roll, although, at the time, I think the thought was that by Christmas all would be back to normal, well we know how that went. We even lost over $1,000 on an Airbnb as the company would not refund us, never use OnlyBC for your rental they lie and cheat you out of your money, but that is for a post all to itself.

Last year our house was on the market as we had decided to make the move to the island anyhow seeing as school was done for the year for Owen and with the hope, we would sell our house before not too long, we did sell getting an offer days before we moved at the end of May.

So a year later Jenn and I were talking about how, if it was not for the pandemic, we would not be in the house we are in.

The timing of moving at the end of May and not the end of June or later the house we had rented would just not have been available, with three-bedroom rentals in Nanaimo, particularly houses, almost impossible to come by. (We ended up buying the house four months into our lease, just pure luck the landlord was looking to get out of the rental business and sold it to us at the assessed value, a steal of a deal.)

Now with everything going green again, although green was always there, we look forward to spring and summer of walks and relaxation on our patio, along with some wine, gin and beer, yep, nothing changes on that front.

So where are we going with this post? Just to say there will be more posting, with my typical views on the world, tips and news about tech, retirement life and life, in general, living in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So till next time, stay safe and if you can get your vaccine.