What are mornings?

When you work mornings are a busy run around get lunch made get the kids up make a coffee grab some breakfast shower shave get dressed get out the door on time… phew (sorry Clyde)

Yes mornings can be stressful when you are working, but once you retire and you step back mornings are a time to contemplate the day, life and one hundred and one other things.

I am sat here now in my happy place, Nanaimo on Vancouver island, this is my view right now.

My Morning View on June 26th 2020

Not to shabby eh?

Of course I am not so crazy to think that it will always be like this, it does rain in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island in general, so I do know that it’s going to be pretty wet where I am sat right now and there will be weeks of it at time, but I will still be in my happy place.

So I have started to sit outside for breakfast in the mornings and make this time a time to read the news, ponder my navel and once in a while write something profound, ok maybe not profound but at least write sometime.

So as the time approaches 9am, I wrap up my quiet morning of contemplation and relaxation to start the list of things that need doing, you know like getting my Mother’s birthday card in the mail, the one that was supposed to be in the mail on Tuesday.

Have a good day all.


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