Lock… down

Through the eyes…

…the teenager

Well he keeps skipping his entry, need to fix that.

…the home worker

Today was pretty eventful!

We had a virtual viewing of our rental in Nanaimo we’ve had our eye on for 2 weeks, signed our lease agreement, then at 9:20 pm we got an email saying someone wants to look at your house tomorrow. Let the cleaning frenzy begin!

As we start the cleaning we find a page of the lease agreement on the floor that fell off the printer we needed to sign.

Weeeee. I’m already having trouble falling asleep so I am pretty sure I’ll be binging on The Office for a while tonight!

…the retiree

The highlight of the day was the quiz and visit via Zoom with our UK family along with my youngest son who is in Nova Scotia.

Good old Pizza Hut pizza for dinner, not the best pizza, but your cannot beat the price.

Have house viewing tomorrow, got a good handle on the cleaning this morning and this evening, little more tomorrow.

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