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Isolation lockdown Day 13

Sorry there was no post yesterday, we had a good family evening watching Tianic, not sure if that relates to what is currently going on, but I am sure it does in some shape or form. I have been my iPad Pro to do all these posts, although the keyboard on the Smart Cover is… Continue reading Isolation lockdown Day 13

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Insolation Lockdown Day 11

Wow, keep seeing posts about doing a reset of 2020, could not agree more, not going out is crazy and this is just the start, another month before there will any chance of change from this. On a positive note, the weather has been great today, cold, but sunny and with lots of sun we… Continue reading Insolation Lockdown Day 11

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Isolation Lockdown Day 10

As I sit down to write today the Alberta Chief Medical Officers just announced the number for today, 117 new cases for Alberta, now that is due to an increase in testing due to a backlog, but I think it shows there are a lot of people out there with the virus. Time to hunker… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 10