May the Force be with them!!!

So Saskatchewan has released a plan to open up starting May 4th, interesting day to do that. (Look it up)

I was listening to our chief medical officer of Alberta and reading between the lines we could be following very closely to them, part of the reason being how close some towns are to the provincial border, in fact one small place straddles the border.

Through the Eyes of…

…the retiree

The weather is still good, aside from the wind and was nice to go for a walk with the eldest son today in the park.

We are in a 5 week countdown to our move, so strange to be leaving Grande Prairie during this crazy time. We came across a list of things/places we planned to do in GP before we left, none of it we will be able to do.

…the home worker

Work has been really busy, which is nice as it keeps my mind busy and off the real world.

I tried running using an app called Zwift, which allows you to run on your treadmill and see yourself run through virtual worlds online with other real people. It syncs with your watch or foot pod to know how fast you’re going. My only qualm is that the calibration between my watch and the app is not good. When the app says I’m running slower than I really am, I get frustrated. It is a cool way to get my exercise in and keeps things interesting on the treadmill but not sure it’s worth it without a foot pod, which would provide more accuracy. If we were staying here I would definitely buy a foot pod, but where we are going I won’t be doing many indoor runs!

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