Light at the end of some tunnel

The pandemic goes on but there seems to be some hope, BC is looking at relaxing things a little mid May and I think Alberta will be a couple of weeks behind them.

The move is on, just trying yo decide if we will use a Uhaul or a mover, leaning towards a mover as there would be less for us to do, just hope whoever we chose can do the move in less than 5 days, one of them says they can but who knows.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker

I’ve had a good set of happy days for a while. Maybe not quite a whole week’s worth, but close. Tonight was tough.

I’m really missing my friends and especially sad to be leaving likely without having a proper goodbye. I chatted briefly with a friend last night and found out she was struggling with the lack of social interaction. It was one of those scenarios of what you see on social media isn’t always what’s really going on in someone’s life. I went to sleep feeling so sad about her and everyone else suffering in silence (and of course those who are open about it too).

The takeaway here is to check in on people, even if they seem to be fine.

…the retiree

Really finding it tough to get motivated these days, even just getting things packed, tomorrow is a new day, so will see how it goes.

The weather has done a turnaround and aside from the wind it means getting out for a walk is much easier, the ice has gone, the snow is disappearing quickly and will all soon be a distant memory, and hope to never see such amounts for so long ever again.

…the teenager

Today I’m very eggcited to find a document
Yesterday was amazing but terrible I got to have cheese burgers and root bear and got to play with my best friends. And apparently I’m moving in 6 weeks.
I’m getting ready have a 45min walk soon
Today in my video games I’m gonna try to get STEPH CURRY to score 120pts
And yeah that’s it besides its pretty windy

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