Feelings of numbness

It’s been a while since there was a post, sometimes you just need to step back.

However last night I felt sad, was I human, was the feelings I was having normal?

The reason for the feelings was the news of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia, and the feeling which made me sad was the thought that went though my head;

“Yes some news other than Covid-19”

Should we even have such thoughts? This is a terrible terrible thing, as I write this there are 18 dead, including a police officer.

Day after day we are bombarded with information about the current thoughts on the pandemic, some of it is just dribble… no, most of it now is just dribble, there are the deaths, the care homes in particular, families whom cannot have time with loved ones at the end of their life, no goodbyes, no final hug or kiss, just, if lucky, a FaceTime from a nurse who is already run ragged.

So as this time goes on we become numb, we become distant to it, we crave news that does not mention virus, Covid-19, pandemic, Coronavirus and and and… it goes on and on…

The killings in Nova Scotia where senseless acts of violence and, despite what will be a lengthy investigation, we may never know why and in a very short time the virus news will just pass over it which just makes it even more tragic.