Isolation Lockdown

Got the furnace fixed today, although after being here an hour, all he did was put the wiring back the way it was prior to the new board going in, guess we shall see how much that costs us.

I think the media needs to start back away from reporting on the virus, there is other news out there, just report it. Example, there was a headline about 3 cases of the virus in a meat factory, there is not chance that the people infected would infect the meat, the chief medical officer even said so. So why run a headline that will just add to the panic buying? If the pandemic was not happening would there be no news on? Yes there would, not report that and have the virus news reduced.

We where told last week that this week would be the worst week, so we shall see what happens as we head towards the end of the week as well as the weekend.

Through the eyes of…

…the home worker…

Today was another good day. I went out for a run after work and with the snow and ice melting, I found I was able to get by most people. Still some spots where I was as far away as I could be without being in a snow bank but the other person would remain in the middle of the trail. So frustrating! Why don’t people get it?!

…the retiree

Today I was hoping to get out in the morning for a walk, but the furnace guy did not come until close to 11 due to me having my phone on silent, something I usually don’t do.

I did get out for walk in the afternoon and it felt soooo good.

So yeh, great day.

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