Isolation Day What?

Yesterday our furnace went off again, we where cooking and the fry pan generated some smoke, at times like this we use a button abound the thermostat that circulates air, the builder called it a poor man’s air conditioner. So I fired it up and right away lost power to the thermostat, turns out the furnace was now dead.

Being so late there was nothing to do but fire up the gas fireplace which does a pretty good job of warming most of the house, but no the basement, was chilly down there before bed, not as cold as it could have been as we have a heated floor.

Today I called the heating company, but as this was getting dealt with through insurance we have I had to call the insurance company, which I did just after 9am. By 4pm however there was nothing from the heating company, turns out the insurance company never called the, dammit, so called them back and they said they would get on it, and sure enough the heating company showed up pronto and replaced a fuse, and arranged for their electrician to come over tomorrow to have a look.

The world goes on and although we hear things about easing the restrictions, there are not dates yet, aside from the end of May for Alberta, guess we shall see, but I am suspecting if the number keeping going they way they are, then the long weekend in May there could be some lifting of something, but who knows.

Through the Eyes of…

…the home worker

Today was a good day. Yesterday was awful. It wasn’t awful for any particular reason, I think it was the new normal getting to me.

Over the weekend, I remembered getting an email from our VP of “Talent” (aka Human Resources) to let us know we could use our Zoom accounts to meet with friends and family, so I suggested to our run club leader that we should set up a virtual party. She jumped at the chance and we set one up for Monday night (yesterday). I was feeling so miserable that I didn’t even want to attend this virtual party I was supposed to help host. I couldn’t not go because part of the process is allowing people into the call/video chat. Including couples at the same home, there were 15 of us. I was so glad I joined because it really pulled me out of my fog.

Today was much better and had no bad moments. We are making some progress on our move, but we will talk more about that once things are solidified.

…the retiree

Did not get out for a walk today as I was waiting for the furnace guy, who never came until after 5pm, so was a little frustrated. Also spent a lot of time going back and forth with some house stuff.

Hope tomorrow I can get out for a walk, plan to do it once they electric guy has been and gone.

The teenager is not here this week, I am sure he is happy about not having to write.

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