Isolation Lockdown Day 18

Today I went for some exercise round a local reservoir, half way around you have to cross a bridge that spans a creek.

As I approached the bridge I could see a couple with a small child, the couple, both of them independently, where let’s say FaceTiming with, I can only assume, family. Sure, nice thing to do in these time of isolation, could have been the grandparents or friends far away.

As I got to this couple, they where pretty much blocking the path with the child running around, they made no effort to get create a 6ft distance, they just kept going pointing their phones at the child, I even walked between them and the child as there was no other way.

This kind of thing makes my blood boil, does this couple live in a bubble, they made zero effort to protect their child or themselves, I could easily be infected and have no passed the virus on to them or their small child. I could have no symptoms, but as there are report out there that even talking or breath heavily can send droplets, and who would be to blame, not me, I don’t know I have it. I tried to get as far away as I could, but nope they did not allow me.

Just stupid people who are so selfish and self centred that in a way they deserve to get sick, although I would not wish it on their child as they cannot help that they have selfish parents.

The weather has been good today, wind is a little cold, but the deck is almost void of snow and I am thinking we could move our furniture back up on the weekend, if the weather stays warm, nothing like a beer on the deck on a warm Easter Weekend, something to allow the mind to wander to better days that will surely come.

Through the Eyes of… (not the teenager today)

…the home worker

I had a headache most of the day, but that tends to happens when we clean the oven (which was yesterday). Even though it’s self-cleaning, it still puts off a strong smell.

By late afternoon I was feeling better, but still felt drained. It was last night of run group, and our virtual assignment was just to run or walk for an hour. I decided to walk the hour and watch The Office.

After some exercise and good laughs, I was feeling much better. Not much else to report!

…the retiree

This Pandemic is really cramping my style, not just in I cannot got out to places I want to, but my day in dictated by the teenager, not that this is his fault, it is a result of him having to be home schooled.

We have been playing around with various schedules, today I put another one together that allows him to have his home schooling help, but gives me a few continuous hours of being able to do my own thing, you know the thing I retired to do!!!

It’s Spring Break next week, so not school, but will see how the new schedule does once “schooling” starts up again.

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