Isolation lockdown Day 16

So we missed a couple of days of posts, sometime being locked up for days just zips your energy, as it has the past few days.

Our furnace is on the fritz and we had call someone into have a look, seems it needs a new circuit board, glad we have insurance for that, in fact the cost of the board is what we pay for insurance in a year, so that does not include the labour time.

We did practice distancing when the tech came, I figure could easily show our show in the same way, people could come over, all the doors would be open and they could just walk around the house while we stayed away downstairs. Have mentioned this to our realtor in case there are people who are interesting in viewing the house.

The weather has warmed up today, thanks goodness as the furnace is not reliable at all, the snow has started to melt and they even plowed the street today, although we could not get to contact next door fast enough so they had to go around their vehicle, it’s already melted in a lot of the road, good timing.

I introduced the teenager to coding yesterday using Apple Swift Playgrounds, he seems very into it, he is getting to see the work that goes into the games he plays, and how easy it is to break something with just one bad line of code, not even a bad line. So far he seems to be enjoying it and was even seen coding during his free time in the early afternoon.

Our premier is making a televised address at just after 6pm today, he will be outlining what they plan to do over the next days, weeks a months as this pandemic continues. There will also be a sharing of the modeling that Alberta Health has done.

You can read what he said here, but basically he went on to say that we should be expecting to be as we are now until at least the end of May, and then restrictions would be lifted slowly. I don’t want to, but I have to, just as everyone has too.

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