Isolation lockdown Day 13

Sorry there was no post yesterday, we had a good family evening watching Tianic, not sure if that relates to what is currently going on, but I am sure it does in some shape or form.

I have been my iPad Pro to do all these posts, although the keyboard on the Smart Cover is ok, it is not for doing lots of typing, so I am now using an Apple magic keyboard, and oh my, how how much better, for sure I can type much faster, not that I am a great typist.

The Apple magic keyboard feels good, it has good keys that feel good and great spacing for those of us that do not type fast or well, considering I worked in IT…. anyhow, I was looking at the Space Grey on, but it is $30 more, just for a different colour, same goes for the Trackpad $30 more, just for a darker colour, typical Apple really, they do great solid products but push the envelope when it comes to price.

My awesome wife made a carrot cake today, a very large carrot cake but as we cannot have people over we will have to eat it ourselves, sorry.

Night all, expect longer posts during the week.

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