Insolation Lockdown Day 11

Wow, keep seeing posts about doing a reset of 2020, could not agree more, not going out is crazy and this is just the start, another month before there will any chance of change from this.

On a positive note, the weather has been great today, cold, but sunny and with lots of sun we still get melt this time of year. Here is hoping the forecast hold for next week and we get the warmer temperatures.

So as we move into the end of week 2, it’s time to reflect on how good we really have it here in the west, India, a place we went a few years ago, is scary, so many people all crammed into such a small place, if this things takes hold the numbers will be staggering. With there Polk all system being so corrupt I can see them hiding their numbers as China has been alleged to have been doing.

We had joined Weighwatchers before all this kicked off and we where both doing OK, but since going to the grocery store is such a hit and miss affair we have basically called off the wagon and have embraced comfort food, comfort food really does not work on Weightwatcher. So tonight I give you, Banger and Mash, with beans. British Heinz beans from “The Tesco Aisle” at Save on Food, although it is really not just Tesco now, started off as that to great fanfare, but I think either they had supply issues or not enough sales. So the number of bays went down and it is more now just general British food, and yes overpriced but I love it, ohhh the chocolate!!!

Bangers & Mash

Through the Eyes of…

…the home worker

Let’s see, what happened today. I worked from home, as usual. I was happy to see the teenager completed all his required work for the week on time, despite losing some “school” time from being at his dad’s from Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon.

I’ve been feeling bad for both the retiree and the teenager. They get along most of the time, but I’m not sure how well they get on in the home school environment. I wish I could take on that teacher role, to take the stress away, but I have to work. I’m sure it’s just growing pains and they’ll settle into a groove eventually.

On a positive note, I participated in my weekly run group virtually today. It was my first real run in 2 weeks and it felt great. I was worried I’d have this cough for a lot longer since I had bronchitis once that lasted months.

…the teenager

Yesterday was good did some catching up on work

Today is good just catching up on LA

I miss my friends at school

Cant wait to do some science and finishing it

…the retiree

One of the things I was looking forward to when I retired as a carefree day of doing what I wanted when I wanted.

Since I am now the “teacher” my day is all over the place, trying to keep the teenagers on track with a schedule we have for him, which includes a few hours of schoolwork a day.

Having worked in IT and disliked Google Docs. My new experience of it has not changed, it still sucks compared to Office 365.

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