Isolation Lockdown Day 10

As I sit down to write today the Alberta Chief Medical Officers just announced the number for today, 117 new cases for Alberta, now that is due to an increase in testing due to a backlog, but I think it shows there are a lot of people out there with the virus.

Time to hunker down as we are in this for a long time, I suspect it will be July before we start to see anywhere back to normal life starting, and even then it will be very slow as they expect a second wave to come at some point.

So as far as our house move goes, I am not even going to speculate on when we will get out to the island, I know it will not be before July and most likely will be into the fall or beyond. As much as that is very distressing, we have a nice house we live in and can easily distance ourselves when we need time alone.

On a brighter notes, the weather has improved and we have had sunshine most of the day, this allowed me to get out and get some vitamin D and some much needed fresh air and shovel the driveway of the huge amount of snow we got since we did the driveway on the weekend. Maybe this is the start of the big thaw, one can only hope that the forecast high of 6 next Tuesday holds true.

Through the eyes of…

…the teenager

Yesterday I was feeling good

Today I’m feeling ok just waiting for the virus to  end

I miss going to school and playing basketball outside when there’s pace on the court to dribble

…the retired guy

Being retired I am sensitive to anything that could effect my pension.

Well yesterday the Alberta government announced that they planned to go ahead with the XL pipeline through loans and guarantees.

Earlier in the year the government moved money around from the various public sector pensions to give him access to these funds to do things like this.

Now I have to hope this all works as my pension is in there and I am not sure it will as oil is not a product people want as much of and the price is so low I wonder if it will ever recover.

…the home worker

Today was like a lot of other days. I spent my day working.

There’s a lot of distractions between people at work posting things on Teams they are seeing on the news and social media and then my own social media and news popping up on my phone.

I finally managed to settle into a project I had been putting off, which felt good.

Easter is coming up next week, what a strange time that will be. With all the churches unable to hold services it will be very bizarre for many. The Vatican will be the strangest of all.

Not Easter, but St. Peter’s Sq would look like this on Easter Sunday
St. Peter’s Sq how it will be on Easter Sunday

In closing for the day, if you are on of those people who are not taking this seriously, you are part of why this will got on for months and months and many people will suffer through getting the virus or worse dying.

Those people could be your grandma, mother, sister even your kids. So stop being selfish and stupid and stay away from anybody else as much as you possibly can, stay home as much as you can.

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