Isolation Lockdown Day 8

Well we are now into week 2 and things are well, boring.

Why do you crave what we cannot have?

The facts that we should only be going out when we need to go out is interesting, not being able to just makes one feel like you have to and that you are missing out on something, when in reality you probably would not go out that much anyhow.

Take this past weekend, it snowed like crazy here, see previous post, and we probably would not want to go out anyhow, even more so if we had everything in that we needed, but as we could not go out we wanted to go out… but we did not.

I remember this a couple of years ago when I was worried about the implications of my heart issues and for some irrational reason I was worried that I would not be able to drink anymore, not that I drinks lots anyhow, but the thought of being told you cannot have a beer after work in Friday got me down, again, I do not drink much so in reality it would have not been a big deal anyhow. I had stopped drinking anyhow before my heart surgery and I did not even miss it, but the though of being told I could not… see irrational, and turns out I can drink as I don’t actually drink that much.


Over the weekend the government, being the (United Conservative party – UCP) announced that it would be cutting funding for school boards for May and June, expecting the school boards to layoff staff not essential, in other words, janitors, educational assistants and others. I am not going to assume like others that this including maintenance as that makes no sense at all.

The layoff will be in the 20,000 to 25,000 range, and some have estimated around 1% of the Alberta workforce.

I don’t know who the government talk to when they think a EA is non essential, having worked as an EA, I know for a fact that these people would be working directly with teachers to help to deliver online learning and support students, but even more than just regular students, but students who they would have been working with through the school year, students who need that extra and not being in school is very distressing for many of them.

On one hand you have the federal government giving out 75% wage subsidies to business to encourage them to not lay anybody off, then you have the Alberta government taking the opportunity to lay people off, this just make me sick, it’s disgusting to be using the most vulnerable students in our schools as pawns.

I was hoping that our school districts would turnaround and say no, we will run a deficit, and continue to support ALL our students, I have not heard as of writing this if any school boards plan to do that, I guess we shall see.

Going by the response on Twitter, many people are upset about this from regular people, to parents, teachers and principals, how low can this UCP government stoop? I guess we shall find out.

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