Isolation Lockdown Day 7

Cannot believe it is 7 Days since life changed, the day we decided to be good citizens and try to not leave the house unless we really have to, and aside from a trip to Home Depot for moving boxes, we have done really well and not left the house, we did shovel the driveway today, but that was still on our property.

There is going to be an extra post this week, well maybe, our family is going to start a series called “Through the Eye…” which will be a short post on how each of us is dealing with the pandemic. It will show us how it is effecting with three different perspectives, a worker, a teenager and a retiree, it maybe a little it and miss, but we though we would give it ago.

We had some major snowfall overnight, which just sucks, and mean March is going out like a lion.

Look at that snow
Let it snow let it snow let it snow.. no don’t snow f*** off

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