Isolation Lockdown Day 3

Well as we enter Day 3 the sun in Grande Prairie is shining with a little snow melt going on.

School is Out

Schools where closed in Alberta just over a week ago and we now have a teenager wandering around the house thinking that this is just a time to play more video games… hahaha. So we imposed some rules and a little bit of schedule as we waited for the school to start sending work home.

I have been impressed with Alberta so far, they have worked with the school districts to ensure that although the schools are closed, learning will still happen. It has taken them this past week to start to figure out the logistics of this, and although for some it will not be easy, I would suspect that most students have access to something like a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to enable them to continue to learn, remotely. I would hope that the schools would make laptops available to students that just don’t have the technology.

Grande Prairie Public School Division and in particular the principal of the teenager’s school has been communicating what has been happening and what will happen. So as of tomorrow, once a week students will get a week’s worth of work as well as access to their teachers through email or other means, which they used Microsoft Teams, and maybe they will at somepoint. (I was just told they worked arrived early)

So as of Friday said teenager will have a good schedule as he is already complaining that he is bored!!

House Move

Moving House is something that has been on the cards for us since last fall, the plan has always been to put the house on the market in the Spring. We have still put the house on the market, but this was really just an exercise to force us to prep the house. We fully expect the sale to take a while and though initially we hoped to be in Nanaimo, our destination, by July at the latest, we have fully adjusted to the fact that it will be when it is. If that turns out to be August, September or beyond so be it.

So if you are interested in a house, follow this link.

In the meantime I have been pottering around the house packing, keeping it clean and tackling wonderful places such as the kitchen, and on Day 3 of lockdown, I did a deep dive into some of the cupboards and oh my what fun that was.

Tackling the Kitchen

So as I look out the window and see caution tape on the playground I wonder how long this will last, I don’t think anyone really knows, after all if the lift the restrictions will it not just come back?

One last thing, being an ex IT guy I have come across a number of funny “virus” posts, this one was a good one, night all.

Thanks to Jennifer Metituk of SpeedPro Signs here in Grande Prairie. This is her uncle.

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