Isolation Lockdown Day 2

We are now in day 2 of out self imposed lockdown and at this point I should add that we are not sick, we are doing this this for a couple of reasons.

1. I am in the high risk group due to the various heart issues I have had in the past couple of years, this includes Hypertension, but as I read about this in particular when they talk about Hypertension in relation to Covid-19 they seem to be meaning people who are taking ACE-Inhibitors that are used to treat Hypertension, I am not on these as I am on Beta Blockers that are working well for me.

2. We are doing our part of slow down the spread allowing our awesome health care system to keep up and not be overwhelmed with cases. This has happened in Italy and we do not want to see that here.

So they are the reasons for us and if you are not doing a self imposed isolation for reason 1 then you should be doing it for reason 2.

Yesterday the UK imposed a country wide lockdown, people are only allowed to go outside for very limited reasons, these include;

  • Once a day exercise on your own or with your family
  • To get essential supplies such as food and medicine
  • Go to work and back if you have to, otherwise work from home

This makes total sense and I am very surprised Canada has not done the shame yet, this was Vancouver on the weekend;

A beach near Vancouver on Match 18, 2020

This image blew me away, some people have been calling Vancouver the Florida beaches of Canada. These people are totally selfish.

Being Grande Prairie it snowed overnight, well it started yesterday, so the walking just became more of a pain, I bet those people who never cleaned off their sidewalks are happy that nobody else did as well now!!

Down Dog a very popular Yoga app is offering free access for Health Care workers during this period of need, all you need to do is click on this link and complete the form using your work email address.

Wow, President Trump really is an idiot, having said he wants the US opera by Easter, EASTER, like in just over 2 weeks!!!! Does he just not listen to experts?

…opened up and just raring to go by Easter

President Trump on Fox Town Hall Tuesday

The snow we had over night has started to melt, it’s that usual time of year, when we get snow then a chunk melts right away as the days are warmer and longer. While I was outside cleaning the driveway I stopped to listen, it was quiet.

We can hear the highway that is not that far away from us, it is a highway that heads down into oil and gas country and is usually busy all day, but people maybe listening to the shouts of #stayhome. Let’s hope that we get more and more adoption and we can start to see our numbers start to drop, not that we would be able to go back to normal, but I think it would help to see a sign that indicated that the steps that are being taken are making a difference, that will help us to push forward to help dread this out so as to #flattenthecurve.

Well as Day 2 comes to a close, I think the world has become a different place. Once we come through this I hope we start to work together as world in more meaningful way. Stay safe everyone.

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