Isolation Lockdown Day 1

This should have been posted yesterday evening.

Yesterday was the start of our self imposed lockdown

First thing in the morning I went grocery shopping and picked up food for about 2 weeks, we already had an emergency supply in the basement that supply will help if we have to stay hunkered down for longer.

We plan to follow the following rules;

  • Stay Home
    • This means watching lots of movies, playing video games and supervising Owen doing his homework.
  • Once a day exercise
    • For us this could mean a drive somewhere as walking in our neighborhood is treacherous due to the snow over the ice.
  • Only out for essentials
    • I will need a prescription filled next week, I will use that opportunity to also top up any food supplies such as milk and fruit.

The first day was ok, will see what we are saying in 14 days.

Me Keeping Calm!!

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