Have You Looked Behind Your Stove of Late?

Being the retired dude in this household I get to do most of the housework, this is ok with me and means my wife and I can enjoy weekends together doing things we want to do instead of cleaning house.

One of the not so fun things about moving house is the “getting ready to sell”. This is where you go through the house from top to bottom and throw out all the crap you have accumulated since you moved in, then your get to clean.

Now, most of the house is usually clean, well that’s if you are are normal tidy person that has a certain degree of pride in your home. There are however some bits that are hidden that you know people will not see if they come over to visit but you know are there, and you keep saying to yourself that you will get to cleaning that one day.

So, hands up who has not cleaned around the side of their stove in many a year, I will admit our stove has been pulled out half a dozen times since we moved in almost 10 years ago.

So today was that day, the day when I eased back the stove and gingerly looked down and to see a fur ball and who wonder of if it was that dead mouse we had running around a few years ago!! Yikes, nope for sure a fur ball, some glass from picture frame that got dropped, oh some spaghetti and breadcrumbs as the toaster is right next to the stove, some good cleaning later and looks as good as new, sadly forget to take an after photo as I was so much in shock at how well it looked.

Ohhh, not as bad as I thought!

That was actually done a couple of weeks ago, since then the whole house has had a top to bottom clean along with a declutter including moving some furniture out to the garage along with some items we probably will not get to use until after we move.

So on Monday of this week we started the process of putting the house on the market, some people are wondering why during this crisis, I say why not. It’s something that we planned to do, but we also know that our timelines will probably be extended, but at least people know there is a house out there and if someone if moving due to work, then you never know.

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