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Isolation Lockdown Day 9

Well here we are in Day 9, the snow stopped falling today and the weather says better weather for the next week, so it will be shovelling for a few days and try to get the outside of the house looking mess like it in the Arctic. Welcome to the Arctic aka Grande Prairie Alberta… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 9

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Isolation Lockdown Day 8

Well we are now into week 2 and things are well, boring. Why do you crave what we cannot have? The facts that we should only be going out when we need to go out is interesting, not being able to just makes one feel like you have to and that you are missing out… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 8

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Isolation Lockdown Day 6

Well today was quiet, we had breakfast 3 times today, crazy, but was awesome We watched lots of TV, drank lots of tea and was shocked that the current UCP government stooped so low as to cut funding so boards have to lay off Education Assistants and Custodial staff, just as the Prime Minister was… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 6

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Isolation Lockdown Day 5

It is now Friday we are still here, I have had one trip out to Home Depot yesterday to pick up some moving boxes, but aside from that have not been anywhere. I used the curb side pick-up at Home Depot. You order online and then when you arrive you park in a spot, call… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 5

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Isolation Lockdown Day 4

The New Car As we enter Day 4 I was thinking back about how long we have our new car, mainly as it is not getting driven much these days, and thought, ah, a blog post on how I bought a brand new car through a chat window on a dealer website. First off I… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 4

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Isolation Lockdown Day 3

Well as we enter Day 3 the sun in Grande Prairie is shining with a little snow melt going on. School is Out Schools where closed in Alberta just over a week ago and we now have a teenager wandering around the house thinking that this is just a time to play more video games...… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 3

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Juno Awards organizers ‘hold off indefinitely’ on revealing this year’s winners | CTV News

So I am not sure of the logic on this one. Just a thought here, they say in the article they want to support the music industry during this time surely announcing the winners will help musicians as people would then run out, well I guess open there favourite music stream app, and start to… Continue reading Juno Awards organizers ‘hold off indefinitely’ on revealing this year’s winners | CTV News

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Isolation Lockdown Day 1

This should have been posted yesterday evening. Yesterday was the start of our self imposed lockdown First thing in the morning I went grocery shopping and picked up food for about 2 weeks, we already had an emergency supply in the basement that supply will help if we have to stay hunkered down for longer.… Continue reading Isolation Lockdown Day 1


Have You Looked Behind Your Stove of Late?

Being the retired dude in this household I get to do most of the housework, this is ok with me and means my wife and I can enjoy weekends together doing things we want to do instead of cleaning house. One of the not so fun things about moving house is the “getting ready to… Continue reading Have You Looked Behind Your Stove of Late?