R Day

Well today, August 9th 2019, I had my last day at the office doing a days work, I actually did some work, which suprised me, my systems admin had been away and was back so I had some transition work to do with him, also had a report to do to my boss, well fine tune it and a few edits.

After a walk around the office checking in with people and saying “see you later”, I grabbed my bike from the shed and headed home.

I still do not have a feeling I can share, not that I don’t want to, I just don’t have one, I expected to feel something but aside from some emotion about not seeing people on a regular basis I think the closest feeling right now is that I am going on vacation.

There was no celebration today at home as we plan to do that later in September, so it was pizza, beer and a movie.

So expect random posts from me about how retirement is going, you never know you may get the odd recipe and IT tip.

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