Voltbike Yukon 750

Well, my new bike arrived, it’s a eBike, Voltbike Yukon 750. This is a first pre-review, there will be some further reviews

Great looking bike, ordered it on June 14th, but took almost 3 weeks to get here, Voltbike maybe busy, but they need to set better expectations when it comes to delivery and better way to handle calls and emails.

On June 25 I was told by George, the owner, that my bike would be shipped on Thursday, June 27 and I would receive a tracking number, this did not happen, nor did it happen on Friday, despite an email being sent in the afternoon.

As it was a long weekend in Canada I had to wait until Tuesday to call, after leaving the morning for them to redeem themselves, the phone call was interesting in that their computer system does not seem to keep tracking of the ordering process and as to where a bike is in within. long story short, by bike was on the loading dock waiting to be picked up, I got the tracking number a few hours later.

The original ETA for the bike from the shipping website was July 4th, looked to start as if that would be the day, then as things usually go for us in Grande Prairie, the date suddenly to July 5th, which puts it tight for the weekend.

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