81 Days

Well I have done a fantastic job at writing Blog posts of my 100 day countdown, so here we are at day 81, Victoria Day, one of the last long weekend, left.

So what has happened over the last 20 odd days?

Well I got out of hospital on May 4th and spent a week at home resting up, did some walking as running is not on the cards for a little while. The ribs are still sore as of today, but the implant site is only sore in the early morning before I am out of bed, suspect that is due to no moving much when I sleep and the area tightens up.

I went back to work, ‘twas a good thing I was bored as lifting is out so I cannot do any housework around the house, very things like vacuuming etc. Cooking is ok though along with sitting on the deck in the sun having a beer or two along with a G&T.

I have almost completed a pretty long post that gives more details of the event.

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