99 Days to go, May 2nd 2019

Here we are, this will be the 3rd full day in the hospital.

It’s a wet day outside, supposed to snow later which makes me a little concerned about tomorrow, the, yes tomorrow I will be going to Edmonton, I was hoping it would have been today, but I assume someone is higher up on the urgency pool than me.

So I spent the day sitting in bed, did a little work and went back and forth to the bathroom as needed, that is all I amallowed to do, yep no running around ICU to me.

I actually feel a little guilty being in ICU and taking up a bed, I have not been able to get around that much, but I can see enough to see that there are a number of very sick people in here and although my situation is of concern, I don’t feel in a critical or fragile state.

So the plan is early tomorrow morning, around 4am, I will be woken up and transported by ambulance to the airport were I will be taken by plane to Edmonton to have the ICD fitted. Later in the day I will be flown back to Grande Prairie and back to ICU for the night.

So with 99 days to go, my day has been very low key and restful.

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