Favourite Place

One of my favourite pictures of me taken in St. Mark’s Square Venice.

Love this picture, not only is it a good one of me, it’s in a place on my bucket list. It’s funny how surreal a place can be when you have seen to over and over again in pictures and movies and even TV shows.

This picture must have been taken in a quiet time as there does not seem to be as many people as was actually there most of the time, it really was a crazy place. In fact on the day we arrived they where setting up for a graduation ceremony and I was a little worried we would not see the square in all it’s glory as it was covered in chairs, a stage sound and light equipment. We came back to the square later in the evening and the saying a sea of people was forefront in my mind and it too is a while to get through them to get back to our hotel.

We loved Venice, it was an amazing, beautiful and historic place, we wandered for miles and never seems to end up in the same place twice, with bridges and dead ends, it was an endless world.

We plan to go back very soon, when it’s a but quieter and spend some time exploring places we did not get to, but we will of course go back to St. Mark’s Square.

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